Pastor Gabriel Garber

Lead Pastor

Pastor Gabriel has served at New Life Assembly since September 2015. He has a passion for the lost to find their true identity in Christ and for an revival/awakening to hit our community. He also, has a passion to see strong and healthy marriages that produce healthy families.

Pastor Gabriel enjoys his free time with his wife of 11 years and two children.

Favorite activities: are playing bocce ball and corn hole!

Favorite sports team: are the MSU Spartans - Go Green! and Detroit Lions (Berry Sanders Era). 

Favorite food: is Chinese and Mexican. 


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Pastor Phil Wimmer

Associate Pastor of Church Ministries

Pastor Phil has served at New Life Assembly since March of 2020. He has a passion for diving into God's word, building relations, and teaching God's word. 

In his free time, he enjoys golfing, boating, fishing, road trips with his wife, and spending time with family.

Favorite activities: Spending time with family, and barbecuing.

Favorite sports team: None. 

Favorite food: Asian, Mexican, cheeseburgers, Spanky's Pizza, and donuts.


Pastor Glen Jeffrey

Associate Pastor of Care Ministries

Pastor J. has served at New Life Assembly since 2004. He has a passion to follow Jesus and helping people.

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife, fishing, and sometimes just doing nothing

Favorite activities: Fishing

Favorite sporting event: Rodeo 

Favorite food: Food

Associate Pastor of Student Ministries and Missions

Pastor Coty has served at New Life Assembly since 2017. He has a passion for youth, developing leaders, and building relationships.

In his free time he enjoys hunting, fishing and hiking.

Favorite activities: Duck hunting

Favorite sports team: U of M Wolverines and Detroit Tigers

Favorite food: Breakfast (eggs, toast, and sausage)

Pastor Coty Todd

Shannon Garber

Children's Pastor and Director of Media 

Shannon has served at New Life Assembly since September 2015 in various ministries. She is passionate about loving people and learning whether it is new things from the Bible or something for everyday life.

In her free time she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Gabriel, and two children.

Favorite activities: She enjoys reading, board games, yard games, and baking with her children

Favorite sports team: Detroit Pistons (91'-93')

Favorite food: Elephant Ears

Church Secretary and Administrative Assistant

Morgan has served at New Life Assembly since January 2017. She has a passion for serving people, building relationships, and purity.

In her free time she enjoys cooking/baking, fishing, and hiking.

Favorite activities: Tubing behind a speedboat, or watching movies

Favorite sports team: I don't normally watch sports. I love watching baseball, but I don't have a favorite team.

Favorite food: Tacos, specifically Cow Tongue tacos

Morgan Todd

Kevin Burgess

Director of Connections and Volunteers

Camie has served at New Life Assembly since September 2019, but has served in various ministries since January 2016. She is passionate about people. She is passionate about helping people connect and discover their passion and purpose.

In her free time she enjoys being with her husband, family, and friends. Anything people related.

Favorite activities: Anything to do with music/worship, baking, gardening, decoration, and reading

Favorite sports team: She love baseball, but doesn't have a favorite team 

Favorite food: Asian food, Mexican food, and cinnamon rolls

Director of Church Finances

Kevin Burgess has served at New Life Assembly since 2017. He is passionate about his relationship with the Lord and their daily talks.

In his free time he enjoys reading, going to the beach, and spending time with his family.

Favorite activities: Studying

Favorite sports team: U of M - Go Blue!

Favorite food: Morgan's Cakes

Camie Kipta

Director of Discipleship

Terry and his wife, Patty, started at New Life in 2004. They have been faithful servants over the years and love to serve the church body and community. Terry is passionate about becoming fully devoted to Jesus Christ and helping others do the same.

In his free time he enjoys spending time in his wood shop.

Favorite activities: Reading and helping others when I am able.

Favorite sports team: None

Favorite food: Whatever I am eating at the time.

Terry Force

Director of First Impressions and Life Groups

Patty started attending New Life in 2004. Patty is passionate about being a help to others in their ministries or tasks and seeing to the details. Patty doesn't an exceptional job making the landscaping look beautiful in the front of the church.

In her free time she enjoys knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, and gardening.

Favorite activities: When the weather is warm, taking walks in nature.

Favorite sports team: None

Favorite food: Cheesecake

Patty Force

Nursery Coordinator

Information coming soon.

In her free time she enjoys

Favorite activities: 

Favorite sports team: 

Favorite food: 

Lisa Crofoot

Food Service and Event Coordinator

Amy starting attending New Life in January of 2020 and took over the role of Food Service and Event Coordinator towards the end of 2020. Amy is passionate about music, helping with events, outreach, and kids.

In her free time she enjoys cooking, baking, and singing with her granddaughter.

Favorite activities: Cooking, baking, and Singing

Favorite sports team: None

Favorite food: Steak Dinner

Amy Bisel

Women's Ministry Coordinator

Michelle has served in the role on Women's Ministry Coordinator since the beginning of 2020. She is passionate about her family, and enjoys a good book and having a good laugh.

In her free time, if she had it, she would enjoy doing something creative without having to share any of her supplies with little people.

Favorite activities: Spending time with people she enjoys, reading or creating.

Favorite sports team: Red Sox (my momma raised me right)

Favorite food: Burgers

Michelle Campbell